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2 reasons why not having Auto Injury Treatment can cause serious long term damage

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Welcome to Total Health and Rehab

Dr. Steven Harrison

Hello, I'm Dr. Steven Harrison the owner of Total Health and Rehab.  I would like to personally welcome to our website.  I invite you to browse through any pages you have interest in and make yourself at home.  We consider our patients family.  If you want a quicker answer to a specific question you can schedule a free consultation, or email me for a quick response to a specific question.  If I know the answer I will tell you, if I don't, I'll either find the answer or try and direct you to someone who can help. 

Our goal here at Total Health and Rehab is to find the right solution to your health problem, but at the same time keep things as simple as possible for you.  Health care has become so complicated...but it doesn't have to be.  This isn't rocket science.  A great analogy is all the weight loss balogny out there on the market right now.  How about eating less, a little healthier and exercising more...simple.  This same approach applies to most health conditions that I have seen in the office over the past 20 plus years.  The system has become so convoluted and confusing that many times the obvious is overlooked...many times not even thought of.  Start with simple.  If we have to get more complicate, we can always do that.  Don't get me wrong, we always look for the "red flags" that need immediate attention on the medical level.  There is a time and a place for everthing, however, when someone comes in with a headache we don't go straight to CT scans of the head when 90% of headaches are caused by muscle tension.  We start with working out the muscles in the neck and maybe some manipulation which 90% of the time will fix the problem.  For the 10% who don't respond, then we go to the the more expensive, invasive and radiating tests.  What a novel idea?  This is the way I approach care in the office and I think our patients appreciate that. 

I look forward to bringing our unique, but completely appropriate approach to healthcare to you, your family and whatever conditions you need help with.  That's why I became a chiropractor.  To help people. 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Harrison


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We guarantee as a patient of our office you will receive a detailed examination specific to your health problem, and a thorough report of our findings to include treatment options which focus on the cause of your condition in order to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible.

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Dr Steven Harisson
Dr. Steven Harrison
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