Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies

Medical kitting may sound like a strange concept to some, but it’s simple assembling any number of medical items into a ready to ship container or kit for use by a third party. The biggest focus with mass-assembly like this is efficiency, that’s what can make the difference sometimes.

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The principle of efficiency is important in any field. It can even be compared to a golf course, you have one head grounds-man. He doesn’t go check every detail of every hole every day, but he delegates where his expertise is most needed, he goes. This way the most important issues are dealt with first while everyone else that works for him maintains the rest. In the same fashion the efficiency of our medical kits makes it so you can focus on your business while we handle this aspect for you.

Most normal medical things you can think of can easily be assembled into a medical kit. The contents of course are all up to you and your goal. On the average we handle companies that do things with DNA & RNA testing of some sort, but our product list truly covers just about everything. We also will print out any special instructions you have and include them in the kit just to be sure that your customers know how to use everything correctly if they need it.

Health is Wealth

If you’re thinking about mass distributing any kind of medical kit at all, it’s more cost effective to have them made in big batches and stored or sent out gradually. Pre-assembly has a number of advantages over waiting until after orders have arrived. We gather all the supplies needed at one time and work to produce whatever quantity of kits you think you’ll need at first. The more kits you put together at one time, the cheaper each individual kit is going to be.

When kitting in large quantities, all the components of the kit can be positioned in close proximity to each other to simplify the gathering and assembly process, as opposed to locating and retrieving the components of kits that are prepared separately as orders come in. It is also much easier and faster to prepare a pre-assembled and/or pre-packed kit for shipment. We also offer custom printing services for all of your kits. Not only do we provide medical kitting, we also offer great medical services such as platelet-rich plasma Charlotte NC. We can brand them specially for you so people know what they’re getting is the real deal. We can even print you manuals, business cards, forms, anything you may need from us!

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