Charlotte NC Stem Cell Therapy

Charlotte Pain Relief Care

We love what Neogenix is able to do for patients suffering from joint pain. It has become a very well-known medical clinic in North Carolina and if you are a Charlotte resident then you have probably visited the center. This center has treated many people for arthritis pain relief with stem cells. Patients are thankful for how amazing these treatments can be.

Joint Relief

RehabMedicineYour local stem cell therapists are able to help heal pain from extensive joint injuries and illnesses. Patients are able to find relief at last without the use of medications or surgery. Patients love the freedom they’re given through the use of stem cell treatments. You will see how life changing these treatments can be for patients who need relief!  Charlotte Stem Cell therapy is amazing!

Stem Cells

Charlotte Stem Cell therapy is an excellent option for people suffering from joint pain and other conditions. It is an established clinic that is used by many people and they have many satisfied patients that have undergone stem cell treatments at the clinic. The center was actually founded for just this purpose. If you are looking for stem-cell treatment for your joint pain or other medical issues then you should go to Charlotte. You will be happy to know that the staff at the clinic is very friendly and you can feel relaxed and comfortable when you come in. You will have all the answers that you are looking for when you visit this clinic and you will definitely be satisfied with the treatment that you receive.

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