Natural Health Options Can Keep You From Getting Sick

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Natural Health Options Can Keep You From Getting Sick

You’ve been feeling a tickle in your throat and a bit of a sniffle in your nose. While you might be trying to tell yourself that those feelings probably don’t mean anything, the truth is that you are probably already fighting off a cold or the beginnings of the flu. There are lots of natural health cures in your kitchen; there’s no need to start popping medications. You might be tempted to reach right for the drugs, but using a natural health remedy is just as good an option when you’re sick. We won’t tell you to ignore your doctor but before you schedule the appointment, why not try a natural remedy for a couple of days and see if it works?

Chicken Soup

Believe it or not–there has been some scientific evidence that chicken soup really does contain healing properties. Instead of starting out with a pharmacy bought antihistamine or decongestant when you get sick, you should be reaching out for Mom’s homemade chicken soup because the meat and vegetables contained in the soup are full of nutrients and minerals that you need to keep your body strong enough to fight off the cold or flu that is making you feel less than your best.

Limes and Lemons

There are lots of ways that you can increase your vitamin C intake! A great source of Vitamin C is the leafy green vegetable you usually avoid. So, when you’re feeling under the weather load up on salad and greens as well as downing a few glasses of orange juice. You can also find vitamin C in other citrus fruits like limes and lemons.


Steam is very helpful. Instead of spending lots of dollars on sinus medication, take a long hot shower or bath. You will have an easier time breathing when you use steam to help open up your sinus passages. The water used to produce the steam will be hot which will help your muscles relax and help you get the rest you need to heal. If you don’t feel like taking a bath or shower, heat up some water on the stove in a pot and then (after moving the pot of water to a table) put your face over the water and drape a towel over your head. The steam is directed toward your face by the sides of the towel which also help keep the water from cooling too quickly. Steam, however you get it, relaxes your sinuses, makes it easier for you to breathe and makes blowing your nose more productive.

There are plenty of herbal and other natural health solutions to choose from when you aren’t feeling well. Don’t take a bunch of chemical based “cures” when there are better options available. Natural health is a great option for those who can take advantage of it, but it is important to listen to any directions that your doctor has given you.

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